KOBATAEN provides select fragrant tea leaves from the birthplace of Japanese green tea, Ujitawara in Kyoto.

Serving Tea@Wonderful Slow Life.

Serving TeaHow to serve tea.

Tea developing inherent Japanese culture.

It was the early Heian Period(794-1185) that tea was firstly introduced in Japan. It is said that the tea was used for medicine at that time. Afterwards, Eisai brought tea seeds back to Japan from China in the Kamakura Period(1185-1333), since then Japanese tea have been grown. It was Myoe Shonin, the founder of Uji Tea, who had cultivated the tea. Myoe who took over the tea seeds from Eisai spread the tea cultivation to Toganoo, Uji and Ujitawara. The emergence of tea burgeoned Tea Ceremony in the Muromachi Period(1338-1573). Tea was developed as "Culture of Hospitality Inherent to Japan" including Tea Ceremony and Sencha Tea Ceremony.

Have a blissful tea time with Kobataen's tea.

Tea is a quite common thing for Japanese having the tea culture. Tea, most familiar beverage and have recently been proved to have health benefits, gained popularity as healthy drink. Bottled tea have also been on the market, however, we would like you to remember the greatness of authentic tea when you consider tea as a culture such as the interaction of minds with people. The deliciousness of green tea poured from a tea pot or the rich taste and flavor of Matcha made by a tea whisk. Enjoying tea time with someone is the slow life people have recently aspired for. We think this is the authentic fulfillment which is friendly towards human heart and body and global environment. With these hopes, the tea "Kotabaen" manufactures is always the excellent tea. We will deliver blissful tea time.

Making a scene with tea once again.

The essence of tea culture which Japan is proud of is "Hospitality". It is tea that becomes an agent for the interactions of people. that is why it has been developed as culture. It is also the reason that host and its guest enjoy the process and time together before drinking tea no matter what the Tea Ceremony or Sencha it is. The tea carefully poured by a tea pot at home is regarded as "hospitality" to guests or families. Relaxing and soothing time enrich human mind as well as quenching a person's thirst. Interact with persons having a cup of tea. "Kobataen" hope you have a happy life with tea.

Gyokuro tea which is made exclusively for Mizukaze lounge.

West Japan Railway Co., Ltd. started traveling of a new gorgeous sleeper train, "TWILIGHT EXPRESS Mizukaze" on June 17 2017.
As one of Kyoto's exclusive menus at "Mizukaze Lounge Kyoto" where guests riding from Kyoto, we are offering tea finished up to Mizukaze lounge as Kobataen hospitality.Offered tea is the finest Kyoto-made Gyokuro, carefully selected and blended one core two-leaf tea by tea master which is suitable for the journey begins with rich fragrance. so you can enjoy the delicious taste of the lingering aftertaste remains.

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